Launce's substitute for Proteus' dog , a painting by August Egg from 1849.

Launce's substitute for Proteus' dog, a painting by August Egg from 1849.

Our "Young Shakespeare: Seven Early Works" series continues with a discussion of The Two Gentlemen of Verona, its history, the literary elements, such as story, theme, and character, as well as theatrical staging ideas inspired by the texts.

The Shakespeare Book Club will gather in the Noah Webster Library Meeting Room, 20 South Main Street, West Hartford, at 7:00pm.  The Library will also be showing a filmed version of each play at 3:00 pm, and you can bring your own covered beverage and (quiet) snack to enjoy.

No registration is needed to attend. The Shakespeare Book Club is open to any and all who have read or seen the entire play, and wish to discuss it. You may bring your own beverage and snack to the meeting room.

Your Isham Garage parking garage ticket can be validated at the Information Desk on the Main Level of the library.

More information is available here.